Pumpkin kernels

Edible pumpkin kernels seeds are obtained from the seed family called Cucurbitaceae. ROS-SWEET offers three types of pumpkin kernels seeds: Shine Skin, Snow White and GWS. The seeds differ in organoleptic properties and their use. They can be used for bakery mixes, bread toppings or simply as a healthy snack.

Like most seeds in our offer, pumpkin kernels seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

Available in BIO version

The product is available in bags: 25 kg

Blue poppy seeds

The seeds of blue poppy are a rich source of valuable nutrients, including vitamin A,D,E,C and calcium. Small, kidney shaped seeds are an ingredient for mixes and bread toppings which give bakery products a unique flavour. They are an essential ingredient of poppy seed cakes, strudels, sweet buns with poppy seeds and many other delicious cakes that are typical cuisine of most European countries.

Our offer includes blue poppy seeds of the highest quality.

The product is available in bags: 25 kg and in Big Bags


The  largest industrial scale production of linseeds is located in Asia, Canada, the United States and Argentina. The flowers of linseeds plant are small and blue, they ripened in the form of round small capsules containing from 10 to 12 seeds.

Thanks to the oil content, linseeds are considered to be one of the most valuable seeds, having plenty beneficial properties for gastrointestinal tract of all seeds.

We offer linseeds for baking industry as bakery mixes, bread toppings, or for confections.

The product is available in bags: 25 kg 

Hulled sesame seeds

The sesame plant is not very demanding in terms of the climate and the soil, in which the plant grows. Despite that, the seeds are rich in calcium and valuable fats. Not many people know that sesame seeds is also considered as aphrodisiac.

Hulled Sesame seeds are mostly used in baking industry for bakery mixes, bread toppings and pastry such as halva and sesame seed candy.

ROS-SWEET offers only good quality and high purity sesame seeds, thanks to cooperation with trusted producers who have proved high commitment to quality and who guarantee excellent purity and taste.

The product is available in bags: 25 kg

Hulled sunflower kernels

Hulled sunflower kernels are mostly used for bakery mixes, bread toppings or as an addition to salad. After roasting they are considered as valuable and tasty snack.

ROS-SWEET offers sunflower kernels confectionary and bakery grade, which meet high standards of quality, that is the right size, excellent organoleptic properties and low percentage of broken kernels.

The product is available in bags: 25 kg

Caraway seeds

Characteristic, strong aroma of caraway divides the consumers on those who love eating products which contain caraway and on those who avoid everything that has caraway or even that smells like caraway. The seeds of caraway are used as a spice or ingredients in many dishes of south-eastern Europe cuisine.

Here, at the ROS-SWEET we always monitor the current market situation, to provide our customers with the best quality of the product and its availability.

The product is available in bags:  25 kg.