ROS-SWEET, this is where the quality is formed



Products that distinguish us from competitors

Through the implementation of innovative concepts and technologies, we are able to offer outstanding products. With the best raw materials and customer-oriented service, our company ensures constant, repeatable and high quality.


Investments in innovation

As a successful business partner from wholesale industry of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, ROS-SWEET Sp. z o. o. has a recipe for the future success of your business. Investing in the best raw materials, quality and professional customer service make us an expert in this field.


Repeatable quality

Anyone who decides to cooperate with ROS-SWEET Sp. z o. o. will receive repeatable and high quality products. Our customers can be sure that the supplied goods always meet their expectations.


High competences

Through the implementation of innovative ideas and technologies we supply dried fruits, nuts and seeds which distinguish us from other companies. Our professionalism is confirmed by numerous certificates and awards. In order to satisfy our customer needs, we have implemented  health safety  system HACCP and  ISO 22000 procedures. We make quality control at every stage of a production process. Extensive knowledge along with the experience of our staff ensure that all the requirements of our customers are met.



We has an ecological certificate issued by the PTRE Eco-Guarantee. The organic logo of the UE placed on the labels means that the product contains at least 95% of the organic origin  ingredients, to the  production none of synthetic means have been used and the production is separated in time and space from the production of conventional food.