CEO of ROS-SWEET: Our grain appreciate demanding customers from abroad

For several years, we note double-digit sales growth of blue poppy, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. These products are appreciated by demanding customers in foreign markets.

ROS-SWEET increases export and introduces new products

We successively gain new markets and develop sales, so the number of buyers from abroad is constantly growing. These are mainly European Union countries, but also the markets of Eastern countries, such as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - said in an interview with service Slawomir Ogryzek, CEO of ROS-SWEET Sp. z o.o., delicacies manufacturer.

ROS-SWEET and sport

ROS-SWEET, one of the world leaders of wholesale nuts, seeds and dried fruits, subsidized releasing calendar of the local basketball team PTG Sokol Lancut.

Product presentations: Walnut Kernel

Walnut Kernel are manufactured from the highest quality beans nuts from Central and Eastern Europe. In the ROS-SWEET's offer are available nuts in different factions.

ROS-SWEET at Anuga 2015

ROS-SWEET Sp. z o.o., one of the leaders of wholesale nuts, seeds and dried fruit will present new products at Anuga 2015 in Cologne. The company will present 5 of their own product brands and other items from the product range.

ROS-SWEET Sp. o.o. will present new products at IBA 2015

ROS-SWEET Sp. z o.o., one of the leaders of groceries, grains and dried fruit market, will present new products at the World Fair Industry and pastries IBA 2015. During the fair, the company will present new products: ground poppy seeds, sesame paste and walnut tarts. Visitors will also be able to see other products of ROS-SWEET's offer, which for years has captured the attention of customers.